Now Accepting Membership Nominations!

Milwaukee Makerspace is now accepting nominations for membership! Come to one of our Tuesday evening meetings, or another open-to-the-public event, make a couple friends and join. Be sure to read through our By-laws.

We meet each Tuesday from 7PM to 9PM at:
3073 S Chase Ave, Bldg 34
Milwaukee, WI 53207

“Nominations?! You mean I can’t just plunk down some money and join up?”

You see the thing is, we have some equipment that is very expensive and/or very dangerous. What’s more, at our heart, we are a social group. By requiring folks to have some human contact with us before joining as full members we hope to maintain a safe and friendly environment for everyone in the space. Please don’t be intimidated, we are really very friendly folks.

As a member of the space you’ll get unfettered 24/7 access to the space and its tools. Browse through the Available Equipment Gallery to see just some of the things we have. Or, even better, drop by the space on a Tues. evening and take a tour!

Once nominated the subscription rates for membership are

Period Cost Cost/Mo
1 month 80 USD 80 USD
3 months 225 USD 75 USD
6 months 420 USD 70 USD

Gift Memberships are available, please inquire with


Giant Logo!


We painted our logo on the 20ft wall today. It looks AWESOME!  We also painted the lower half of the machine shop area in a nice red color. It too looks pretty swanky. Not pictured is Jason Gessner who also did a lot of work on the logo.