Tuesday February 22nd 2011

There were 10 members and 2 guest at the meeting.

* Ron is in charge of designing and purchasing stickers. The stickers will have our logo and a QR code on them.
* Members at the meeting donated money to fund the sticker purchase.
* In the future we might want to get some stickers that say “property of MMS”. These would used to label tools and equipment that the makerspace owns.

* We need a poster for our grand opening party.
* David has volunteered to design the posters.
* The posters should have the date and time of the party, our logo, our address, and the event schedule. We still to to finalize the event schedule.

Grand Opening
* We need finished projects at the grand opening.
* We need more t-shirts made before the grand opening.
* Ideas for the event:
– Powers Wheels race
– Stump the makers
– Make keychains on the CNC
– Soldering station
– equipment demos(all day)
– Biodisel demo
– Jacobs ladder
– Junk Sculpture
– Makerspace cookies or QR code cookies
– Kinect photo booth
– Make somthing from out junk/hack pile
– embroidery machine demo
– possible music project

* Michael is still working on the new website layout.
* Matt has volunteered to get the the website migrated over to Ross’s FreeBSD server. Once he has the website migrated he will be redesigning the site.

Wood Working Show
* Ron went to the working show.
* There is a local wood working club in the Milwaukee area. They meet the first Thursday of the month.
* Some of us should go to one of their meetings. We are thinking the April meeting would be a good one to go to.

Safety Reminders
* All guests need to sign the guest liability waiver. The waivers are located in the library.
* We need safety posters for the heavy equipment.
* Matt has volunteered to gather the safety information for the mill.
* We would like to make one safety poster a week until they are all done.

* Swee will be hosting at biodiesel event at the makerspace at March 19th from 1:30pm to 4:00pm.
* Registration is required. See www.greendieselwisconsin.org for more details.

* Stan Miller from the Journal Sentinel will be visiting on Saturday February 26th at 11am. Members are encouraged to be there to show off completed projects and work on existing projects.
* We need a press release written for next week.

Tuesday February 15th, 2011

12 members and 4 guest attended the meeting.

PR Stuff
* We reviewed Michael’s new website layout. Everyone at the meeting seemed interested in the new layout. After Michael makes some minor adjustments to the layout we would like to get our website redesigned soon.
* Michael presented another draft press release to the group.
* Jason has a contact at Fox 6 news. We might be able to have them shoot some video at out space.
* Jason has a contact with Moth Robot(http://www.rothmobot.com) that would like to have a circuit bending class at the makerspace sometime. This will probably be scheduled for sometime after the grand opening.

Everyone had a chance to talk about their projects. There is what people at working on ….
* Royce is working on getting the access control system working with an Ubuntu Linux server.
* Kevin is working on a flame throwing acoustic tube and a jacobs ladder.
* Ron is working on building his own CNC machine.
* Adam is working on learning to program PIC micro controllers.
* Jason is working on his photo booth Xbox 360 Kinect project.
* Brant is working on getting our camera systems setup with Zone Minder.

Tuesday February 8th

There were 8 members and 5 guests at the meeting.

Grand Opening
* We have selected start and end times for our grand opening party. The grand opening party will start at 12pm on Saturday April 9th. The party will end at 10pm.
* We need to invite other hackerspace and makerspaces to our grand opening party. Royce volunteered to do this.
* We need to get a detailed event calendar created for the grand opening.

Promotions and Advertising
* The Bayview Compass would like a press release from us.
* Michael Diedrick gave an in depth presentation on promotions and advertising.
* We came up with a press release calendar. The calendar is in google docs https://spreadsheets.google.com/a/milwaukeemakerspace.org/ccc?key=0Aidk3….

* PS1 people from “Remade” will filming for their documentary at the makerspace on Saturday February 12th starting at about 11:00am.
* We need a computer kiosk at the space for sending updates to Twitter.
* Royce will be updating the access control system to send updates to Twitter.
* We would like to have a “collectives meeting”. Would probably at least invite Bucketworks, Project M, and Design Fugitives.
* Some members expressed interested in participating in the South Shore Frolics Parade.
* There was interest in starting an E-textiles night at the makerspace.

Tuesday January 25th

Press Release
* Royce has a press release from Stan Miller at the Journal Sentinel.
* The current press release on the list looks pretty good.
* We will review the press releases at the next meeting.
* Ben has a media contact that can distribute the press release.

First Robotics
* One of the guests at the meeting(Mike) could possibly get us in contact with
the Moore Robotics team.

* Next week we will start shooting video of our script ideas
and the mill demo.
* People from PS1 will be visiting the weekend of February 11th. They will be shooting a documentary.

* Laser graffiti
* Crop circles with cars.
* Signs on billboards. 3D billboards coming soon.
* 40 Zebra muscle and Asian carp at Bradford beach.

Grand Opening Ideas
* we need a project gallery. It should have projects in progress, completed projects, and
projects we would have made at the makerspace.

* Our goal is to get members.
* The makerspace is ….
* access to tools
* access to space
* it is a resource for equipment, space, knowledge
* the four pilar of robotics(community)
* open source garage
* motivational aspect
* a Menlo park for all members
* We are will to spend $100 per conversion
* Michael will present more on advertising at a future meeting

Tuesday January 18th, 2011

There were 10 members and 3 guests at the meeting.

Financial Stability
* Kevin presented the spread sheet that he created at our financial state. We only need 2 more month to month member to bread even for 2011. This assumes that we only spend money on rent, internet, and insurance.
* Tom is going to find out if we need to pay any taxes for 2010.
* The landlord would like to see $4,000 per month to rent the entire bay(approximately 9,500 sq. feet).
* Tom asked the landlord about our idea of renting out 10×10 square foot sections of the hanger area. The landlord will run the numbers and get back to us.

Press Release
* We need a press release.
* Carl has volunteered to draft a press release and post it to the mailing list.
* Jason knows someone at a local news station. He will forward our press release on when we have it done.
* We will need to come up with a list of people and group that we can give the press release to when it is done. Se far we are thinking of the Shepard Express, Facebook, and Fox News.

State Fair Wood Working Show
* There is a wood working show at State Fair in the in end of February. http://cms.thewoodworkingshows.com
* We might be interested in having a booth at the show, but we cannot afford to rent one.
* Carl will give them a call and find out if we can get in for free.

* We reviewed the script ideas that Car, Brant, and Ben put together. They are in a document that is in our Google App domain.
* We would like to shoot one video a week and put it on Youtube. We took video of a drill press demo this week.
* Tom will get a computer with a lot of hard drive capacity and bring it to the space. Matt volunteered to setup the computer with Linux.

* We will make a demo video of the mill next week.
* Kevin and Matt will be organizing a Music/Electronic Music/Circuit Bending night at the makerspace.

Tuesday January 11th

There were a total of 10 members and 4 guests at the meeting.

Grand Opening Project Ideas
* Create an electronics kit with our logo. Guests could solder the kit
together at the grand opening party. This was the most popular idea at meeting.
* Art sculpture with our logo. Create an art sculpture made out of scrap
metal. We could recycle the project after the party. We could have two
sculptures(one get recycled and we keep one). Use it as a sign to lead
people to the space. This could be used to teach guest to weld.
* Bristle Bot races. People could buy and modify hexbug nanos. We could
have the materials for people to make their own at the party.
* Power tool races. It would be difficult for a lot a people to participate in this.
* Photo booth made with an Xbox Kinect.

Grand Opening Discussion
* We will invite as many other hacker/maker spaces to the grand opening as possible. We will send invitations via email and post cards. Brant volunteered to work on this.
* Jason proposed changing the date of the grand opening party. We decided to stick with the April 9th date.

* Sean presented some example dollar amounts for different advertising options.
* Jason recommend having very clear and defined goals prior to spending any money on advertising.
* Jason and Michael will head up an advertising subcommittee and report back to the group in a couple a weeks.

Broken Equipment
* The lather needs to be cleaned and needs some TLC to get it working.
* The laser cutter need to be cleaned and needs some TLC to get it working(Tom Gondek needs to bring the rest of the parts and get a new power supply).

* We would like to have a water cooler. Matt has volunteered to look into this for us.
* Brant has volunteered to hang peg board and organize the hand tools.
* We named all of the rooms in the space. The “Lab” is the large meeting room/electronics room. The “Library” is the smaller office room. The “Shop” is the machine shop. The “Bay” is the car bay area. The “Hanger” is the large unrented space.
* Rich suggested a fix it day. The makerspace could have a fix it day where people in the community bring in broken items and member of the makerspace could help fix them. We could possibly do some local advertising if we sponsor this event.
* No updated photos have been taken for the website. Carl needs a camera to take the pictures. Jason volunteered to help take pictures.
* We would like to move Tom’s kiln into the space.
* Next week we will create a video demo of using the drill press.
* Tom reported that we could possibly rent out 10×10 section in the hanger for $60 to $75 dollars per month. Everyone at the meeting thought this was a good idea. Tom will run this idea by the landlord and see if he goes for it.
* Brant and Carl had a couple of script ideas. They will post them to a Google doc and share them next week.

Tuesday January 4th, 2011

9 members and 7 guest attended the meeting. The main topics discussed were planning for the grand opening party and marketing/advertising.

Grand Opening Party Planning Ideas
* The party will be on Saturday April 9th.
* Need projects for guests to work on.
* Need scheduled demos of machinery(mill, lathe, makerbot, etc.)
* Have completed projects on display at the grand opening(pots of gold and power wheels)
* Need all of the equipment working(lathe, mill, laser cutter, CNC).
* Need more food.
* Need more promotions both traditional and non-traditional(newspaper, radio, TV, facebook, twitter, Google ads).
* prank before the grand opening party possibly on April 1st. Flash mob or critical mass. “Pot Festival” with the pots of gold. Maybe “hack” a billboard in Milwaukee.
* Project our logo on building before the grand opening using a laser, projector, or netting with LEDs.
* Have a large group project that guests can all participate in. Possibly a large junk sculpture made with pieces of junk metal. We could recycle the project after the event. Tom might be able to get sponsorship from Miller Recycling for the event.
* Everyone should come up with an activity or project idea for the grand opening party at post it to the mailing list. We came up with the following ideas at the meeting.
* Junk part project
* beer can drop
* soldering project
* projectile thrower
* egg drop
* oragami
* something with lightning

* We need more photos on the website. (Carl volunteered for this)
* The website looks bad in IE 8.
* Have a button on the site that says click here for a free membership. It would then display
information about the free Tuesday and Thursday nights.
* Have a button on the website that people can click that shows what they get for $80 per month.

Advertising Script Ideas
* Brant and Carl will come up with script outlines.
* My wife will kill me if I buy more tools.
* MM could save your marriage.
* What could you do at MM …
* MM saving the planet one project at a time.
* MM geek zoo.
* MM could solve the energy crisis.
* MM supports natural selection.

Advertising and Marketing Ideas
* Demo videos of running equipment on the website.
* Need more group projects and individual project at the space.
* Need more artists involved.
* Get an email list from MAKE magazine for the Milwaukee area.
* People should send like request to Facebook friends for the Milwaukee Makerspace facebook page.
* Lisa from Evolution marketing (Ben Nelson)
* Determine pricing for advertising(tv, radio, newspaper, magazines, facebook, google ads) (Sean Malloy volunteered for this).

Membership Fee Discussion
* Sean proposed the idea of having some sort of lesser membership level. The idea was voted down by the members at the meeting.
* The membership fee was reduced from $80 per month to $79.99 per month.

Miller Electric Welding Equipment
* Kevin discussed the paper work that he filled out to try and get Miller Electric to donate welding equipment.
* Several members had suggestions.
* Kevin will submit the paper work soon.

* We need a door bell and camera at our front door.

Tuesday December 21st, 2010

10 members and 1 guest attended the meeting.

Space Updates
* We have an Internet connection. We are paying $25 per month to borrow the landlord’s Internet connection.
* We have pallet racking that members can use for project storage. We will eventually have a fork lift in the space.
* Adam is storing his Maker Bot at the space!!! He was able to get it working at the meeting.
* On Tuesday night from 8pm to 9pm after the weekly meeting we will have power tool training sessions. This week Rich gave a training session on using the band saw.

Up Coming Events
* We will be having a build day and movie night on Saturday January 1st. The build day will start at about 10am. People will be working on modified power wheels and various other projects. We will be showing the original Tron movie sometime in the evening.
* The space opening party is on Sunday January 2nd starting at 1pm.

Member Nominations
* Ross signed up as a member.

* We discussed networking with various hacker/maker spaces and other organizations that are near us.
* Royce has agreed to contact PS1 and Sector67.
* Carl has agreed to contact engineering schools in the area(UW-Milwaukee, MSOE, Marquette)
* We also need to contact Discovery World and the local Ham Radio group.