Maker Faire Detroit is (almost) here!

Maker Faire Detroit

We’re just a few days away from Maker Faire Detroit, which is happening July 28th-29th, 2012 at the Henry Ford Museum over in Michigan. Since we’re in Wisconsin, it’s practically next door…

So yeah, there will be a bunch of Milwaukee Makers in attendance, and as for Power Wheels, yeah, we do that too!

I’m excited to the point of no return this week, as this will be my first official Maker Faire, and I’ll probably overdose on Maker-related things and activities. I’ll probably take too many photos, and talk to too many people, but that’s OK, as I can’t imagine doing anything else. I hope to see you there!

Milwaukee Makespace will participate in Power Racing Series at Maker Faire Detroit

Milwaukee Makespace will participate in the Power Racing Series at Maker Faire Detroit. At the meeting tonight we discussed the Power Racing Series. Of all the ideas we’ve dicussed for our next group project, this idea seemed to generate the most dicussion.

So, we’re in!!

I’ve attached the rules as a PDF and the website is here:

Here is the link the Maker Faire: Detroit:

The basic idea is to modify and race a Power Wheels children’s electric vehicle. Watching adults race around on tiny vehicles should be a riot. Modifing our Power Wheel vehicles should be even more fun!

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