Tuesday May 3rd, 2011

5 Guests and 10 Members


Bay View Gallery Night June 3rd.  Bay View Arts Guild members and interested Makers will display their art/wares from 6pm to 10pm at the Made In Milwaukee sponsored event.  The makerspace will contribute $100 toward food/beverages, and will charge no fees to the Artists.  BVAG will pay for a band to perform.  Artists will set up 2 hours prior to the opening, and tare down 2 hours after the opening, or between 10am and noon the following day.  

Tom visited the Quad Cities makerspace – they’re pretty hands on.

Discussed summer time plans of making a giant grill or fryer for a Turduckin.  Unsure what the vegan equivalent is.

Project updates:
Royce: Entry system.  Brent: cutting foam for fiberglass mold.  Adam: Finding a Ferric-Chloride replacement for circuit board etching.  Rich: Making a motor adapter.  Ron: Finishing a super-computer chair.  Tom: Battery charging, table saw slide plans, finishing the additional component bin shelving.

Discussed various vacuum former design possibilities.

Project updates are a big hit at the meeting – we should do this every week.

Sunday is the Milwaukee Electric Car Club meeting.

Tuesday April 26th, 2011

A total of 14 members and 6 guests attened the meeting.


Swee will host the biodisael two times per month on Thursday nights.

Jason has started a collaboration page on the website for the member handbook.

Kevin will be organizing Bayview Gallery Night. It will be held at the Makerspace on Friday June 3rd.


Maker Faire

Several members are interested in going to Maker Faire Kansas City and Detroit. People were interested in having a Milwaukee Makerspace table at Maker Faire Detroit(Jason Gessner is interested in organizing this).



The Milwaukee Electric Car Club will meet on Sunday May 8th.

The meeting is open to the public. The Journal Sentinel has started “Tap Milwaukee” on their website. Royce will investigate this and might add our events.

Their was an article about us in the BizTimes Milwaukee.

Tuesday April 19th, 2011

A total of 10 members ad 3 guests attened this meeting.


Milwaukee Makerspace Informational Pamphlet

We need a member informtional pamphlet. Jason Gessner will create a collaboration page on the website to start gathering ideas for the member informational pamphlet. The collaboraton page should be up by the end of the week.


Shop Donations

We need an updated sign for shop donations. The sign should have a list of shop consumables and recommened dollars amounts for each item. 


New Posters

We need new posters. We need someone to design a new poster.



Someone suggested we team up with Discovery World to do an electronic recycling event. We could have a Milwaukee Makerspace demo at the event.


We need new business cards. Someone had the idea of teaching a once a month class at Discovery World.



Tuesday April 12th, 2011

Meeting Attendance

A total of 14 members and 15 guests attended the meeting.

Grand Opening/Mini Maker Fair Recap

  • This will be an annual event.
  • Plan further ahead and get other hackerspaces more involved.
  • Possibly partner with discover world.
  • We need a blog post to recap the event.
  • Royce will write a thank you to WPR and the Journal Sentinel.
  • Tom will write a thank you to Greenfield News and Hobby.
  • Brent will write a thank you to American Science and surplus.


  • The advertising was good.
  • Everyone was very friendly and welcoming.


  • Was crowded
  • Need more strict maker fair expo hours
  • Too early in the year. Possibly have it in May next year.
  • The soldering class took too long. Next year it should be all day and have time slots to sign up for.

Community Collaboration

Milwaukee Art Museum

  • Janet Gourley from the Milwaukee Art museum stopped by the grand opening and was interested in collaborating with the makerspace in the future.
  • Brent and Jackie will contact Janet Gourley at the Milwaukee art museum to coordinate.

Present Music

  • Kevin was contacted by someone with the Present Music group that was interested in collaborating with the makerspace
  • Kevin will coordinate this collaboration
  • This would be in March of 2012

Career Day at Elementary School in West Allis

No one in the group has interest in this.


The robotics club will meet the third Saturday of the month starting in April. The electric car club will meet the first Sunday of the month starting in May. Jason suggested that these events be posted on the MAKE Magazine calendar.

Fox News Interview

Tom, Michael, Jason and Swee will be at the makerspace at 8:15am this Thursday for an interview with Fox 6 news.


  • It was suggested that some members volunteer to teach mini classes at Thursday night electronics night.
  • Royce mentioned he would like us to purchase a set of descent soldering irons. Brent will investigate if American Science and Surplus will donate them to us or give us deal on them,
  • We should add American Science and Surplus and Greenfield News to hobby to the sponsors section of the website.
  • Several members expressed interest in participating in this years South Shore Frolics Parade.

Member Nominations

Two new members were nominated and accepted. This brings our member total to 23.

Tuesday March 1st

8 members and 2 guests attended the meeting.

Grand Opening Event Schedule
* Power Wheels Race 1pm
* Soldering Lessons 4pm
* Stump the Makers 2pm
* Makerbot demo
* Circuit board etching demo 3pm
* Junk Sculpture (all day)
* Dinner(possible pig roast) 6 to 7
* Live music 7 to ???

Grand Opening Task List
* Get the lathe working(Tom/Chris)
* Fix the pots of gold
* Order more T-shirts (Tom)

Tuesday March 29th

12 members and 2 guests attended the meeting.

Grand Opening
* Jason will have his Kinnect photo booth ready for the event.
* We have posters at American Science and Surplus and Greenfield News and Hobby.
* Brant has sent invitations to other hacker/maker spaces.
* The pig roast will be ready at 6pm.
* Uncle Larry the band will play at 7:30pm.
* Brant will coordinate the sign making for the event.
* Visitors should park in the fenced in parking area.
* Michael has volunteered to get a guest registration book.
* Michael has volunteered to create a “how to join” flyer for the event.
* We need more tables.
* Tom will bring in a jug for donations.
* Brant will setup “do not touch” signs on heavy equipment.

Event Organizers
* Power Wheels Race — Tom
* Stump the Makers — Rich
* Biodiesel Demo — Swee
* Makerbot Demo — Adam
* Circuit Board Etching — Royce
* Learn to Solder — Royce
* Live Music — Sean
* Hand Made Music — Ross, Kevin, Matt
* Kinnect Photo Booth — Chris

Fox 6 News interview
* Fox 6 interview live at 9:00am on 4/7.

The Great Milwaukee Race
* Jason Gessner mentioned that the Great Milwaukee Race will be on June 18th from 9am to 1pm.
* Jason is interested in organizing a makerspace booth for the event.
* Anyone one is interested should contact Jason Gessner.

Tuesday March 15th

11 members and 4 guests attended the meeting.

Grand Opening Posters
* We selected poster #1 to be printed.
* Chris H. will have the medium sized posters printed (11×17).
* Tom will have the large posters printed.

* The new batch of T-shirts have arrived.

Tuesday April 5th

5 guests and 13 member attended the meeting.

Party Preparations
* We need more tables.
* Ross, and Pete have a PA and some microphones. Sean will see if we can use the bands PA system.
* Brent volunteered to shoot some video with one a David’s extra cameras.
* We will have one donation bucket at the event.
* Michael will be setting up an Internet portal to the TC Maker mini-maker fair. Tom will bring in a window that can be used for this.
* We need to cover up the landlords junk with tarps for the event.
* Michael will be bringing in microscopes that will be on display for the event.
* Send project information to Michael. He will get posters print for projects that will be on display.
* We need more coolers for the event.
* Clean up and organizing will happen on Thursday and Friday night. Everyone is welcome to help.

Membership Flyers
* Michael will get membership flyers printed for the event
* They should include the following ….
* now accepting members.
* monthly fee
* security deposit
* must be nominated
* it’s a club