Tuesday October 12th

Logo Decision

The present members came to a consensus that the logo will be the old welding mask with a crossed wrench and a soldering iron underneath originally conceived by Rick and created by Randy.  For consistency the logo shall be a high contrast version. It was also decided that for maximum flexibility the text and log will be separated. We will not worry about trade marking the logo until necessary.


The final decision for the flyer was shelved until samples have been printed out.


From the initial investigation into insurance by Rob the other hacker spaces simply get what the landlord requires for liability insurance and have a liability waiver for members. He investigated pricing and found that it ranges from about $40 to $80 per month.


The majority of this meeting the members reworked articles 1 and 2. The results have been posed to the group for further review. Next week the place is to go through articles 3 and 4. Also Tom’s lawyer will be stopping by for the next meeting.