Tuesday October 5th

Logo Discussion

A brainstorming session was held about different logo ideas. The final decision for the logo has been put off for another week.


  • Randy’s rehashing of Emmett’s close up of a wrench may be to simular to an existing company’s logo to use.
  • Skull and crossbones like logo with a welding mask as the skull and crossed soldering iron and wrench or possible a touch. – Rich (Please correct me if I’m wrong)
  • Logos should be simple enough to be able to put on a shirt with ease. – Royce

Action Items

  • Work on skull and crossbones idea – Randy
  • Consult graphic artist about getting the logo in various formats. – Kyle


To get our name out there the members present approved an initial advertising budget of $250 for Royce to spend. The members agreed to split this cost with Royce. At the meeting the twitter account mkemakerspace was registered. It is unknown if we have a facebook group already.


The majority of the group was still in favor for Emmett’s second flyer with the watermark background.

Potential Locations

– Open to more ideas

  • Surrounding Colleges
  • American Science and Surplus
  • Harbor Freight

Action Items

  • Mock up flyer from previous recommendations – Royce

Business Cards

It was determined by the members that simple business cards for promoting the maker space may be effective. The members thought that a business card with a black or red background would stand out. Also it would be desired to keep the verbage simple.

Action Items

  • Mock up an initial business card – Rob

Physical Space

We would like to have more options for spaces then we currently have right now. It would be ideal to get a location that is centrally located for the members to reduce drive times. We encourage members to browse different comerical areas to find a rental space.

Action Items

  • Talk to Mike Doro about rental properties.


We would like to start the investgation for obtaining the proper insurance for the LLC. For starters we should contact existing hacker spaces for answers.

Action Items

  • Start investigation into insurance – Rob


These need a lot of work. In the next couple meetings the bylasw and membership agreement with be the focus. The plan is to finalize sections 1 and 2 durring next weeks meeting.

Action Items

  • Review and discuss sections 1 and 2 prior to next weeks meeting.