CNC Projects

The cost of building a CNC machine has been coming down dramatically, and every makerspace needs a CNC router. I was planning to build one at Bucketworks, but their space was destroyed by flooding last spring, before I could get started. I had put together some notes on a wiki at (check out the “useful links” page). Anyone can read that page, but if you want to add to it, you have to set up an account at pbworks and then request access to my wiki.

I’m thinking of building a CNC router with a working area of 2’x4′, so it will be able to cut large signs or furniture parts. I’ve also thought about building an automatic box-joint cutting machine (there are several ways to do this with a tablesaw or a router, but it would be cool to just clamp up the parts and push a button).

Tom has access to used stepper motors, among other things. I’ve got some ideas about construction details, and I’ll want to build some test jigs to try out ideas before I build the actual machine. Join us if you’d like to help, or would like some help with your own CNC projects.