Mer-Chevy: Long-Haul Eco-Truck

While I have been tinkering with electric vehicles for some time now, I still have need for a vehicle that can go a long-distance, carry tools and equipment, but still get great fuel economy and ideally run on renewable fuel.

Diesel engines meet most of that. I already have a Chevy S-10 that I like. If only it were diesel…..

This past spring, I picked up an old Mercedes 240D. The engine is only .2L bigger than the one in the Chevy.

Time for an engine swap!

Here’s a video of what the guys and I got done this past Sunday.

Besides converting the engine, I plan to run the truck on bio-diesel, and improve its aerodynamics with a custom-made cap, smooth wheel covers, and rear wheel skirts. I am shooting for 40MPG, without using a drop of gasoline.