Tuesday November 17th

Legal Documents

 * The final versions of all legal documents have been reviewed by the lawyer and accepted by the group.

* Ther final versions of these documents should be posted to the policy page of the website soon.

Business Cards

* The business cards have arrived.

* The business cards were distributed to the members who attended the meeting.

* It was suggested that business cards be distributed to places like American Science and Surplus, Greenfield News and Hobby, and Radio Shack.


* Tom brought example flyers.

* The flyers still need a little work before they will be ready.

Website Updates

* Royce added blogs to the website and gave a demonstration on how to create a blog on the website.

* We need to add a FAQ page on the website. Tom has volunteered to start compiling a list of questions.

* The front page of the website still needs to be updated.

Action Items

* Royce will create user accounts on the website for people on the google groups list that do not have an account on the website.

* Everyone with an account on the website should create at least one blog entry.

* Tom will convert all of the legal documents to PDF and give them to Royce.

* Royce will post the final PDF versions of the legal documents to the policy page of the website.

* Tom is still working on the flyers.

* Tom will start a FAQ list.

* Everyone who attends next weeks meeting should print out extra copies of the legal documents and bring them to the meeting.

* Royce will update the main page of the website.

* Royce will post a message to google groups when the website updates and legal documents are done.