Tuesday December 8th


* 50 posters have arrived.

* Here is where we think we should put some of the posters.

* Wisconsin Automotive Museum in Hartford (Royce)

* American Science and Surplus (Tom)

* Greenfield News and Hobby (Tom)

* UW-Milwaukee (Royce)

* Radio Shack Humboldt and Capital (Royce)

* Harbor Freight (Tom)

* MSOE (Sean)

* Marquette (Sean)

* Radio Shack Waukesha (Sean)

* Milwaukee PC (Sean)

* Surplus Battery Store (Rich)

* Discovery World / Public Museum (Royce)

* Northern Tool (Rich)

Action Items

* Royce will put an add in the Shepard Express.

* Royce will put an add in Nuts and Volts Magazine.