144V 700A Motor Controller

So today Ben brought over the kit sent by PaulHolmes for their OpenReVolt open source motor controller. The plan is to build the controller and use it in my EV Motorcycle I’ve been working on for several months. Today I accomplished a few things. First, I got a brief soldering lesson from TomG; I’ve never done any small electronics, usually only car audio/misc. wiring. Second, I started soldering in some of the resistors and capacitors into the control board. I took a few photos/short video clips of the progress i was making for reference for others wanting to make their own home build OpenReVolt. Once they are posted online I will post them here. This controller is very nice as it’s almost like paint by numbers, all the components are labeled in bags and their corresponding numbers (R23) are on the control board making it very easy for an amateur like myself to build. So far I’m having a lot of fun; more than i initially thought i would have! I’m very excited and motivated to finish this motor controller as soon as I can so I can get my bike out on the road in time for spring! Check back for periodic updates!!