Tuesday March 30th

 There were a total of 6 people at the meeting. We discussed various group project ideas. All people present at the meeting decided that the next project will be the Power Racing Series at the Detroit Maker Faire(http://www.powerracingseries.org). We also discussed new ideas for revenue.


Revenue Ideas

  1. Allow people to pay founders fee in installments.
  2. Teach classes to the public.

Power Racing Series Ideas

We will participate in the Power Racing Series at Maker Faire Detroit on July 31. We are looking for cheap power wheels toy cars(under $100) on Craig’s List and Ebay. Lance Lamont will be the single point of contact for all Craig’s List purchases. We would ideally like to have a pre-race before July hosted somewhere in the Milwaukee area(maybe American Science and Surplus). Here are the initial build ideas we have for the car.

  1. PVC roll cage.
  2. Add some sort of suspension.
  3. Use hub motors to make it 4 wheel drive
  4. Have a mountable video camera.
  5. Oil slick and smoke screen.

Other Group Project Ideas

  1. Milwaukee Power Down Week
    1. http://www.suraforchange.com/2010/02/03/power-down-week-save-the-date-sa…
    2. Bicycle Generator
    3. Solar Oven
    4. Solar Steam Generator
    5. Bicycle Margarita Mixer
  2. High altitude glider/torpedo over Lake Michigan possibly at discovery world
  3. Solar Powered Brewery
  4. Solar Powered Fridge
  5. Solar Powered Beer Cooler
  6. Pendulum Powered Bike