Access Control system ready for install tomorrow!

The access control system is ready for installation tomorrow! All three circuit boards, and the RFID admin circuit are now housed in enclosures. The exterior unit enclosure is no longer pretty after a mauling by a jigsaw, but I did the best I could.

Above is the exterior unit closed up sitting in the open door of the interior unit. The interior unit case is actually the original door strike power supply case at Bucketworks. The exterior unit case is a box donated by TomG.


Above is a shot of the interior of the exterior unit. The green paint is actually a green epoxy insulating varnish intended for motor windings. I don’t have Tin-it or any sort of solder mask process for my homebrew boards. Typically my boards live indoors and its not an issue. But since this one will be outside permanently I thought it would be a good idea to cover the traces.


Above is a picture of the inside of the RFID administration tool. This device is just an ID-12 RFID reader connected directly to one of SparkfFun’s USB converters. I wrote a program that picks up the a card swipe and display the card’s ID on-screen. It turns out that the cheap cards we bought don’t have the ID printed on them. To set up the database with ID number’s this device is needed.


The case itself is an old Belkin USB WiFi adapter with the original electronics completely removed.


Next up we have the case of the server interface. This case used to be some sort of JTAG programmer. Again all the original electronics have been removed.


This view simply shows the interface with the case open.

As soon as I get a change to package up the source and do a write-up I’ll post it too.