Tuesday October 5th

 A total of five members were at the meeting(Sean, Royce, Tom, Rich, and Ron). Tom brought a copy of the lease to review. Unfortunately we cannot sign the lease until we get insurance. We need 1 million dollars in liability coverage.

Tom has contacted an insurance agent, but no insurance companies are willing to insure us. The agent Tom talked to recommended two changes to our member agreement that might help us get an insurance policy.

 1. Require all guest to be at least 18 years old.

2. Require that all members must by trained in safe use of equipment before they can use it.

We made the recommended changes to the member agreement. All members that were present voted in favor of the new member agreement. A copy of the new member agreement is attached . Royce will also remove the list of available equipment from the website until we get insurance.

 Tom also contacted the Madison, Chicago, and Appleton hackspaces to see were they got thejr insurance policies. None of these groups have insurance.

A new collaboration page was created to brainstorm ideas for getting insurance. If you have any ideas about how to get an insurance policy for the Milwaukee Makerspace please add them to this page.


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