Now Accepting Membership Nominations!

Milwaukee Makerspace is now accepting nominations for membership! Come to one of our Tuesday evening meetings, or another open-to-the-public event, make a couple friends and join. Be sure to read through our By-laws.

We meet each Tuesday from 7PM to 9PM at:
3073 S Chase Ave, Bldg 34
Milwaukee, WI 53207

“Nominations?! You mean I can’t just plunk down some money and join up?”

You see the thing is, we have some equipment that is very expensive and/or very dangerous. By requiring folks to have some human contact with us before joining as full members we hope to maintain a safe and friendly environment for everyone in the space. Please don’t be intimidated, we are really very friendly folks.

As a member of the space you’ll get unfettered 24/7 access to the space and its tools. Browse through the Available Equipment Gallery to see just some of the things we have. Or, even better, drop by the space on a Tues. evening and take a tour!

Once nominated the subscription rates for membership are

Period Cost Cost/Mo
1 month 80 USD 80 USD
3 months 225 USD 75 USD
6 months 420 USD 70 USD

Gift Memberships are available, please inquire with