Tuesday December 21st, 2010

10 members and 1 guest attended the meeting.

Space Updates
* We have an Internet connection. We are paying $25 per month to borrow the landlord’s Internet connection.
* We have pallet racking that members can use for project storage. We will eventually have a fork lift in the space.
* Adam is storing his Maker Bot at the space!!! He was able to get it working at the meeting.
* On Tuesday night from 8pm to 9pm after the weekly meeting we will have power tool training sessions. This week Rich gave a training session on using the band saw.

Up Coming Events
* We will be having a build day and movie night on Saturday January 1st. The build day will start at about 10am. People will be working on modified power wheels and various other projects. We will be showing the original Tron movie sometime in the evening.
* The space opening party is on Sunday January 2nd starting at 1pm.

Member Nominations
* Ross signed up as a member.

* We discussed networking with various hacker/maker spaces and other organizations that are near us.
* Royce has agreed to contact PS1 and Sector67.
* Carl has agreed to contact engineering schools in the area(UW-Milwaukee, MSOE, Marquette)
* We also need to contact Discovery World and the local Ham Radio group.