Tuesday December 7th, 2010

7 members and 3 guest attended the meeting.

Makerspace Internet Connection

We still do not have an Internet connection. We are hoping to borrow the landlord’s internet connection. We would be willing to pay a maximum of $50 per month to the landlord to share their Internet connection.

Access Control System

Royce is hoping to have the access control system installed on Thursday. If everything goes well members will be able to get their RFID cards on Saturday.


We discussed sharing memberships with Bucketworks. At this time we will not have any membership sharing configured in our access control system. We would still like to collaborate with Bucketworks on events similar to the holiday make-a-thon.


Makerspace Volunteers

 We discussed additional volunteers that were needed to help keep the makerspace organized and running smoothly.

  • Bloggers and Reporters: Document the projects and events that are happening at the makerspace and post them to our blogs and social networking sites on the Internet. Jason and Brant have volunteered to do this.
  • Keeper of the Labels: Label tools, equipment, and materials in the makerspace. Also maintain lists of which people have been trained in the safe use and operation of machinery. Ron has volunteered for this position. Initially Tom, Rich, and Kevin are authorized to train people to use equipment(lathe, mill, band saw, welders, etc.)
  • Shop Manager: Maintain equipment maintenance list and schedule. Also organize machine shop cleanup. Rich has volunteered for this position.


 Oraganizing the Makerspace

We will be meeting on Saturday at the makerspace to organize and label all of the equipment and tools that have been moved into the makerspace. Someone will be at the makerspace starting at 10:00am on Saturday December 11th. Everyone is welcome to show up and help out.

We will need volunteers to for hanging peg board or magnets and sheet metal for tools organization. 



  • Kevin will contact Miller and try to get them to donate welding equipment.
  • We need people to donate hand tools to the makerspace See the collaboration page http://milwaukeemakerspace.org/content/hand-tool-list for a list of hand tools that we need.
  • We discussed combat robotics as a possible group project.