Tuesday January 11th

There were a total of 10 members and 4 guests at the meeting.

Grand Opening Project Ideas
* Create an electronics kit with our logo. Guests could solder the kit
together at the grand opening party. This was the most popular idea at meeting.
* Art sculpture with our logo. Create an art sculpture made out of scrap
metal. We could recycle the project after the party. We could have two
sculptures(one get recycled and we keep one). Use it as a sign to lead
people to the space. This could be used to teach guest to weld.
* Bristle Bot races. People could buy and modify hexbug nanos. We could
have the materials for people to make their own at the party.
* Power tool races. It would be difficult for a lot a people to participate in this.
* Photo booth made with an Xbox Kinect.

Grand Opening Discussion
* We will invite as many other hacker/maker spaces to the grand opening as possible. We will send invitations via email and post cards. Brant volunteered to work on this.
* Jason proposed changing the date of the grand opening party. We decided to stick with the April 9th date.

* Sean presented some example dollar amounts for different advertising options.
* Jason recommend having very clear and defined goals prior to spending any money on advertising.
* Jason and Michael will head up an advertising subcommittee and report back to the group in a couple a weeks.

Broken Equipment
* The lather needs to be cleaned and needs some TLC to get it working.
* The laser cutter need to be cleaned and needs some TLC to get it working(Tom Gondek needs to bring the rest of the parts and get a new power supply).

* We would like to have a water cooler. Matt has volunteered to look into this for us.
* Brant has volunteered to hang peg board and organize the hand tools.
* We named all of the rooms in the space. The “Lab” is the large meeting room/electronics room. The “Library” is the smaller office room. The “Shop” is the machine shop. The “Bay” is the car bay area. The “Hanger” is the large unrented space.
* Rich suggested a fix it day. The makerspace could have a fix it day where people in the community bring in broken items and member of the makerspace could help fix them. We could possibly do some local advertising if we sponsor this event.
* No updated photos have been taken for the website. Carl needs a camera to take the pictures. Jason volunteered to help take pictures.
* We would like to move Tom’s kiln into the space.
* Next week we will create a video demo of using the drill press.
* Tom reported that we could possibly rent out 10×10 section in the hanger for $60 to $75 dollars per month. Everyone at the meeting thought this was a good idea. Tom will run this idea by the landlord and see if he goes for it.
* Brant and Carl had a couple of script ideas. They will post them to a Google doc and share them next week.