Tuesday January 18th, 2011

There were 10 members and 3 guests at the meeting.

Financial Stability
* Kevin presented the spread sheet that he created at our financial state. We only need 2 more month to month member to bread even for 2011. This assumes that we only spend money on rent, internet, and insurance.
* Tom is going to find out if we need to pay any taxes for 2010.
* The landlord would like to see $4,000 per month to rent the entire bay(approximately 9,500 sq. feet).
* Tom asked the landlord about our idea of renting out 10×10 square foot sections of the hanger area. The landlord will run the numbers and get back to us.

Press Release
* We need a press release.
* Carl has volunteered to draft a press release and post it to the mailing list.
* Jason knows someone at a local news station. He will forward our press release on when we have it done.
* We will need to come up with a list of people and group that we can give the press release to when it is done. Se far we are thinking of the Shepard Express, Facebook, and Fox News.

State Fair Wood Working Show
* There is a wood working show at State Fair in the in end of February. http://cms.thewoodworkingshows.com
* We might be interested in having a booth at the show, but we cannot afford to rent one.
* Carl will give them a call and find out if we can get in for free.

* We reviewed the script ideas that Car, Brant, and Ben put together. They are in a document that is in our Google App domain.
* We would like to shoot one video a week and put it on Youtube. We took video of a drill press demo this week.
* Tom will get a computer with a lot of hard drive capacity and bring it to the space. Matt volunteered to setup the computer with Linux.

* We will make a demo video of the mill next week.
* Kevin and Matt will be organizing a Music/Electronic Music/Circuit Bending night at the makerspace.