Tuesday February 8th

There were 8 members and 5 guests at the meeting.

Grand Opening
* We have selected start and end times for our grand opening party. The grand opening party will start at 12pm on Saturday April 9th. The party will end at 10pm.
* We need to invite other hackerspace and makerspaces to our grand opening party. Royce volunteered to do this.
* We need to get a detailed event calendar created for the grand opening.

Promotions and Advertising
* The Bayview Compass would like a press release from us.
* Michael Diedrick gave an in depth presentation on promotions and advertising.
* We came up with a press release calendar. The calendar is in google docs https://spreadsheets.google.com/a/milwaukeemakerspace.org/ccc?key=0Aidk3….

* PS1 people from “Remade” will filming for their documentary at the makerspace on Saturday February 12th starting at about 11:00am.
* We need a computer kiosk at the space for sending updates to Twitter.
* Royce will be updating the access control system to send updates to Twitter.
* We would like to have a “collectives meeting”. Would probably at least invite Bucketworks, Project M, and Design Fugitives.
* Some members expressed interested in participating in the South Shore Frolics Parade.
* There was interest in starting an E-textiles night at the makerspace.