Tuesday January 25th

Press Release
* Royce has a press release from Stan Miller at the Journal Sentinel.
* The current press release on the list looks pretty good.
* We will review the press releases at the next meeting.
* Ben has a media contact that can distribute the press release.

First Robotics
* One of the guests at the meeting(Mike) could possibly get us in contact with
the Moore Robotics team.

* Next week we will start shooting video of our script ideas
and the mill demo.
* People from PS1 will be visiting the weekend of February 11th. They will be shooting a documentary.

* Laser graffiti
* Crop circles with cars.
* Signs on billboards. 3D billboards coming soon.
* 40 Zebra muscle and Asian carp at Bradford beach.

Grand Opening Ideas
* we need a project gallery. It should have projects in progress, completed projects, and
projects we would have made at the makerspace.

* Our goal is to get members.
* The makerspace is ….
* access to tools
* access to space
* it is a resource for equipment, space, knowledge
* the four pilar of robotics(community)
* open source garage
* motivational aspect
* a Menlo park for all members
* We are will to spend $100 per conversion
* Michael will present more on advertising at a future meeting