Tuesday April 5th

5 guests and 13 member attended the meeting.

Party Preparations
* We need more tables.
* Ross, and Pete have a PA and some microphones. Sean will see if we can use the bands PA system.
* Brent volunteered to shoot some video with one a David’s extra cameras.
* We will have one donation bucket at the event.
* Michael will be setting up an Internet portal to the TC Maker mini-maker fair. Tom will bring in a window that can be used for this.
* We need to cover up the landlords junk with tarps for the event.
* Michael will be bringing in microscopes that will be on display for the event.
* Send project information to Michael. He will get posters print for projects that will be on display.
* We need more coolers for the event.
* Clean up and organizing will happen on Thursday and Friday night. Everyone is welcome to help.

Membership Flyers
* Michael will get membership flyers printed for the event
* They should include the following ….
* now accepting members.
* monthly fee
* security deposit
* must be nominated
* it’s a club