Bay View Gallery Night is Friday, June 3rd at the Makerspace

Friday, June 3rd is Bay View Gallery Night: The Milwaukee Makerspace is hosting our own artists, and artists from Bay View Arts Guild to show their work. We have over 20 confirmed artists, plus two bands and more!  Stop by the Makerspace between 6pm and 10pm!

BVAG Participants:
Janet Falk / fiber
Karen Costello / jewelry – recycled stuff
Terry Nichash / photography
Ian Pritchard / photography
Donna Pogliano / jewelry
Cali Thomas / paintings
Anita Burgermeister – paintings
Stan Doty – wood carving
Erich Ebert – poetry & installation

MM Participants:
Brent Bublitz – sculpture
Jackie Steffen – illustrationsc
Kevin Bastyr – sound sculpture
Pete Prodoehl – drawing robots
Matt Neesley – sculpture
Amanda Endries – collage
Jason Gessner – interactive audio
Matt Gauger – interactive audio
Ross Oldenburg – interactive audio

Community Participants:
Dani Schmidt – Vase Sculpture
Bill Arthur – Painting
Lisa Sim – jewelry

We also have two bands playing: Makerspace’s own Ross Oldenburg in his band The Plane to Lisbon, followed by Steve Cohen.