Tuesday May 3rd, 2011

5 Guests and 10 Members


Bay View Gallery Night June 3rd.  Bay View Arts Guild members and interested Makers will display their art/wares from 6pm to 10pm at the Made In Milwaukee sponsored event.  The makerspace will contribute $100 toward food/beverages, and will charge no fees to the Artists.  BVAG will pay for a band to perform.  Artists will set up 2 hours prior to the opening, and tare down 2 hours after the opening, or between 10am and noon the following day.  

Tom visited the Quad Cities makerspace – they’re pretty hands on.

Discussed summer time plans of making a giant grill or fryer for a Turduckin.  Unsure what the vegan equivalent is.

Project updates:
Royce: Entry system.  Brent: cutting foam for fiberglass mold.  Adam: Finding a Ferric-Chloride replacement for circuit board etching.  Rich: Making a motor adapter.  Ron: Finishing a super-computer chair.  Tom: Battery charging, table saw slide plans, finishing the additional component bin shelving.

Discussed various vacuum former design possibilities.

Project updates are a big hit at the meeting – we should do this every week.

Sunday is the Milwaukee Electric Car Club meeting.