Tuesday June 14th, 2011

16 members and 3 guests attended the meeting.



* The posters have arrived.

* We will put a poster up and Greenfield News and Hobby and American Science and Surplus.

* Tim will see if we can get a poster put up at MATC.

* Chris will get some smaller 11×17 posters printed.

* Brant will try and contact MIAD, MSOE, and UWM to see if we can get posters put up.

Great Milwaukee Race

* Jason will be hosting a station at the Great Milwaukee Race this Saturday June 18th.

* Jason is looking for volunteers to help on Saturday morning. Meet him at AJ Bombers at 8:00am if you are interested.

* For more information about the race visit http://www.greatmilwaukeerace.com.

Milwaukee 48 Hour Film Project

* Adam is looking for volunteers for the 48 Hour Film Project.

* Adam will be at the space on Saturday and Sunday working on a film. Stop by if you are interested in participating.




* For more information about the project visit http://www.48hourfilm.com/milwaukee

Thursday Night Demo

* Rich will give a welding demo on Thursday June 23rd.

* We will not have a demo for Thursday June 16th.

* The demo night needs to be promoted better, so we can attract more people that are not already involved with the makerspace. Jackie suggested using facebook to promote the demo nights.

Safety Poster

* Brant showed his rough draft for a safety poster.

* Jason mentioned he has a partially completed web application that is almost done that could be used instead of a poster.

* Jason will try and get the App Engine app published soon

Rental Squares

* We will start charging people for rental squares in the hanger starting July 1st.

Partail Membership

* The partial membership at $40 per month in now available.

* We are currently using an honor system. Royce is working on adding automatic enforcement of partial membership in the access control system.


* Tom Gondek’s screen printing gear is in the loft. Someone needs to assemble it and get it up and running.

* Tom G. brought his spray booth and more pallet racking grates to the makerspace.