Tuesday June 7th, 2011

12 members and 6 guests attended the meeting.


Make Live

* Reminder we will be on Make Live this Wednesday night starting at 8pm.


Gallery Night

* Gallery night was a huge success.

* We made $60.

* Jackie will investigate gallery night for July.

* Huge thanks to Kevin B. for organiing this event for us.

Safety Posters

* We will create a large poster for our safety list.

* It will list every member and the machines they are trained to use.

* It will also have each members picture.

* Brant will work on putting the poster together.



* Shane put together t-shirts and stickers and posted them to our Zazzle account.

* Our Zazzle account looks great now.


Renting Squares in the Hanger

* Square rental will start on July 1st.

* Each square will be rented for $75 per month.

* We will start renting from the far end of the hanger.


Thursday Night Demos

* Matt will do a soldering demo at 8pm this Thursday.

* Brent will give a 555 demo in 3 weeks.



* Brant will take the lead in organizing clean up day for June.

* The posters are in the mail.

* Tim talked with someone at MATC. We might be able to put up posters there.

* Brent volunteered to do some screen printing. Tom Gondek has some screen printing gear that we might be able to bring to the space.

* Someone needs to put all of the email addresses from the grand opening guest book into a spread sheet.