Tuesday May 24th, 2011

There were 12 member s and 3 guests at the meeting.

Business Cards

  • We need new business cards.
  • Royce will send Brant the information about the old business cards.
  • We think brant was working on a new design for business cards. He was not at this meeting.

Clean Up Day TODO List

  • Fix the white board.
  • Tool organization for the lab. Need a strip of magnets in the shelf.
  • Masonite to re-cover the tables in the lab.
  • Mount the big TV on the wall.

Rental Spaces

  • We are going to start renting out square in the hanger area.
  • We will move the rental squares If the official rental space that MMS has needs to expand.
  • Right now there is no concern that we will run out of space.
  • Only members can rent spaces.
  • There are a total of 44 squares that can be rented.

New Membership Level

  • We added a $40 per month membership level.
  • Students with a valid student ID qualify for the $40 per month membership.
  • Weeknight’s only membership is also $40 per month. This type of member wil only have access to the space Monday through Thursday.
  • Weekends only membership is also $40 per month. This type of member will only have access to the space Friday through Sunday.

Revenue/Promtion Ideas

  • We need to have a demo every Thursday night to try and attract new people.
  • We need to start offering classes. The makerspace could get $10 per student.
  • Membership coupon. Limited time only half price membership or something similar.
  • Need more regular events for non-members(clubs/classes).


  • Jason will be making a large Jacks game using tire irons for the Greate Milwaukee Race(http://www.greatmilwaukeerace.com/).
  • Where is the guest book from the grand opening? We could use the email addresses in the book to start an announcement only Google Group. 
  • We have two new member Bret and Tim.