Tuesday May 31st, 2011

12 members and 2 guests attened the meeting.

Bayview Gallery Night

  • Kevin will investigate if we are allowed to serve alchol at gallery night.
  • We will have another cleanup session on Thursday night.
  • We need more coolers for gallery night.

Machine Shop Safety Lists

  • We need a form next to each machine in the shop stating who has been trained to operate it.
  • Implementing an RFID lock out system is too cost prohibitave at this time.

Zazzle Account

  • Shane is interested in getting some merchandise for the makerspace setup in Zazzle.
  • Ron has created a zazzle account a while back.
  • Shane/Ron will coordinate getting items ready for the Zazzle store.

Website Updates

  • Royce demoed an alternate website theme.
  • When you login to your website account you try out the new themes by clicking on “My account”.
  • Royce has added user pages that allow members to create profile pages on the website.
  • Royce has enabled addtional blog featues that allow organizing blogs by topic and user.
  • Several alternatives to the current website were discussed(Word Press, Google Blogger).
  • We reviewed Michael’s website layout. This looks like it is our best option.
  • Matt, Jason, and Michael will meet next week to work on website stuff.


  • Shane’s poster looks good.
  • The posters are 27×40 inches.
  • Tom is going to have 7 posters printed.

Access Control

  • Royce has updated the access control system to accomodate our new limited membership options. Royce would like to develop a GUI front end for adding users before we start officially accepting members at the $40 per month rate.
  • We would eventually like to have an automatic system for disabling people’s RFID cards if they are behind in their payments.
  • Royce almost has our Square Up account setup(https://squareup.com).


  • Jason has volunteered to give a demo of the Max audio/visual promgramming environment next week Thursday.