Tuesday June 21st 2011

12 members and 7 guest attended the meeting.


South Shore Frolics Parade

* We will be participating in the south shore frolics parade on Saturday July 16th. The parade is approximately 1.5 miles.

Parade Float Ideas

* Convert a pot of gold into a dalek. (Tom has new motor controllers for the floats)

* Convert a pot of gold into a a beer.

* Convert a pot of gold into our logo.

* Ride the power wheels vehicles.

* Make a Christmas in July float. (Rich has a 8×12 trailer we can use)

* Milwaukee Makerspace flags with our logo.

* Weird soda for kids.

Thursday Demos

* Brent will give a screen printing demo on Thursday June 30th.

* Jason will give a Max MSP demo on Thursday July 7th.

Great Milwaukee Race

* Jason reported back that the event was a success.

* All of the teams liked the oversized jacks game that Jason created. Most teams completed the challenge in 1-4 minutes.

* A total of 69 teams(255 people) participated in the jacks game and no one got hurt.

* Several member expressed interest in making other oversized games in the future.

Website Updates

* Jason worked with Michael on a new Word Press design for our website.

* We are hoping to switch the website from Drupal to Word Press in the next couple of weeks.


* Shane showed off a demo of his T-shirt design that is on Zazzle. The new shirts look awesome.