Gyro Belt


Carrie wears a logging Gyro Belt! This is a little contraption I put together out of a surplus Li-ion cell phone battery, Sparkfun’s uLog “The Lil’est Logger”, and Sparkfun’s 1500 deg/s gyro breakout board. The logger simply begins recording the gyro’s output as soon as it is switched on.

The immediate intent is to have several Salsa dancers wear the belt and record the gyro over the course of a dance performance while I record them on video. Later I will examine the log files and video files together to see if I am able to isolate high rate spins from other types of manuvers. In the end my whole detection logic may just boil down to a threshold, but it will be nice to have the data to back that up.

The ultimate intent is to have the gyro detect dance spins only and have an eTextile react, in real time, to that spin in some way. Lighting up some LEDs for the duration the spin for example.