Doctor Who Party

If you are having a party, nothing makes it unique quite like building your own props and costumes!

September 11th is my brother’s birthday, so we went all out on a Doctor Who theme party! It included props made my my brother-in-law and I, custom lighting, costumes, even a full-scale Tardis!

Lets start with the TARDIS, just ’cause it’s sooo cool. It’s based on four sheets of 4×8′ chip board. The boards were ripped narrower to get the proportions right, but left full length to otherwise maximize the TARDIS while still using standard size building materials. The windows are fluoresent light diffusion materials. The light on top is a standard bulb and socket, but with a flasher to blink the light on and off. A thick coat of blue paint hides most of the texture of the chip board. The signs and lettering on the TARDIS are just computer print-outs. Inside the TARDIS, a desk lamp lights the interior and backlights the windows.

TARDIS with chalk Time Vortex on the ground

TARDIS Windows

"This isn't the toilet!"

Interior roof of TARDIS

Sign on the TARDIS is simply an inkjet printout stapled to the door.

A Blue Box



For other props for the party, we had the Face of Boe in the Aquarium, a slideshow of Doctor Who images on an LCD monitor, a “Are You My Mummy” character, and a Video Camera Feedback loop to simulate the Tom Baker era show opening. Outside, some blacklights show off “BAD WOLF” graffiti painted on the fence with laundry detergent. Finally, a Cyber-Man’s head is a simple pinata made with paper-mache around a ballon, painted silver, with pipe cleaners and some paper details added.

Cyber-head Pinata

Ah, the magic of black-lights

"Are you my mummy?"

Show Opener Video Feedback Device

Doctor Who images slide show

The Face of Boe aquarium.


But what’s a theme party without costumes!?
Of course there were several doctors, as indicated by a trench coat, long scarf, glasses or bow tie, several Amy Ponds, a Dalek, a Cyberman, and even K-9 was there! My personal favorite was the paper bag OOOD. How many other costumes can you stay in character while drinking through a hose!?

Paper Bag "OOOD"

The Darkness springs forth!

Plunger + Egg Beater + Alcohol = Dalek

Cyber-Boy at night

Milk Jug + Tinker Toys + Boy = Cyber-Boy

"Blink" Angel

David Tennant


Tom Baker Doctor with K-9


There was plenty of food and drink. The food table had chips, veggies, 3 types of fondue, and other typical party fare. Besides the indoor drink cart (with punch bowl full of “Sonic Screwdrivers”) there was also the “Wheelbarrow o’ Booze” outside. Adding some glow sticks and a waterproof LED flashlight into the ice gives a great night-time lighting effect. The birthday cake was Chocolate Dalek. It featured ice cream cone ears, Italian-style roll cookie arms and eye/nose, and Nilla Wafers.

Dalek-tibble and delicious

Flashlights and glowsticks turn ANY booze wheelbarrow into a Sci-Fi wheelbarrow of booze!

So there you have it! How to throw a Doctor Who Party! Of course there were more costumes and props than I showed here, but it’s hard to hold a drink, egg beater, toilet plunger AND a camera all at the same time! Next time, you’ll just have to show up. Or, better yet, you throw a themed party and invite me!

-Dalek Ben