September 20th Meeting Minutes

A total of 13 members and 4 guests attended the meeting.

Introductions – Guests Welcome

This week Royce asked the guests how they found us.  Answers included seeing the Arduino float in the South Shore Frolics Parade, recommendations from co-workers, our website, and like-minded  maker group and reseller websites.

Upcoming Events

The group voted to proceed with plans to create Milwaukee Makerspace LED blinkies in time for BarCampMilwaukee6.  The blinkies will be part of a “Learn to Solder” class that will be offered at the event.  There is not enough time to have professional custom PCBs made in time for the event so Royce has agreed to design a circuit in-house and Brant to etch and drill them.  Tom is currently putting together a Digikey order for the parts.  If anyone wants to combine orders from Digikey, respond to the mailing list thread ASAP.

Brant asked who from Milwaukee Makerspace will be teaching sessions at BarCamp this year.  Ron B. is planning to host a session on CNC CAD/CAM programs like CamBam.  Other sessions TBD.  For more information visit

Power Wheels Kickstarter

Donations for the Power Racing Series Kickstarter Project began Tuesday.  See the post immediately below this one for more information.


Bob D. noted he had started to build a 2-seater hovercraft and has ribs for sale if anyone is interested.  Inquire on the mailing list.