September 6th Meeting Minutes

A total of 14 members and 4 guests attended the meeting.

Made In Milwaukee – Event Recap

Several members attended ‘Made In Milwaukee’ last Saturday, downtown at Cathedral Square.  The event was a great success despite the rain.  The soldering classes went well and the group discussed plans for soldering projects at future events.  Royce agreed to look into pricing custom PCBs with traces that form our logo.  A discussion has started on the mailing list.

Power Wheels BBQ – This Weekend

Saturday, 9/10 we will be joining PS:One and others in Chicago for a picnic and gathering.  A few of our makers will bring their cars along and plan to discuss the 2012 season, rules, and have fun.

Doctor Who Party – This Weekend

Ben Nelson will be hosting a Doctor Who-Themed birthday party for his brother this weekend.  For more information on time and location, check the mailing list.

New Books in Library

Ron Bean noted that he’s added three books to the Library bookshelf:

  • There Are No Electrons: Electronics for Earthlings by Kenn Amdahl.
  • The Art of Electronics, by Paul Horowitz and Winfield Hill
  • Electrical Engineering 101 by Darren Ashby

Members are welcome to use them, but please refrain from taking them home.  Ron plans to use them while at the space.

Miller Welding Sponsorship

Kevin called Miller again this week to inquire about a sponsorship or possible equipment donation to us.  We had contacted them months ago, but never heard back.

Cheap Electric Welders

After Kevin’s update, Tom and Rich noted that they had found some cheap DC welders for sale with options for TIG, MIG, and pulsed current for aluminum.  The group seemed interested, either for the space, or personal use.  Tom agreed to look into the sale further.

Welcome Guests

Four new guests joined us for this meeting and expressed interest in memberships and various projects.  One guest, Andor, shared information on the upcoming Harvest Moon Festival and Sustainability Fair 9/24 and 9/25.  More info can be found on their Facebook page.  Another guest, Dan, was looking to meet Jason and discuss his FIRST Lego League Team.

Soda Run

Kevin and Tom mentioned they planned to go on a soda run later this week, possibly after the meeting.  There were requests for Diet Pepsi, Dr. Pepper, and “strange, unique” sodas to bring with to PS:One this weekend.

Forge Ready

Brett announced that the forge was ready.  After the meeting, the group watched as he fired it up.