Experiment in Shapes 1, Helium

This started off as an overzealous doodle, inspired by my refusal to doodle squares.  After a fashion, I decided to turn it into a Windows icon via Illustrator…

An Abstract image; Yellow proto-square with spheres and other shapes.

It still haunted my dreams, so I used the Makerspace’s CNC router to create a variant in real life MDF….

I had a certain amount of trouble with getting the yellow enamel paint to dry fully before I added another coat.  This led to scaling of the top coat which was most ugly.  Tom suggested using a 100-watt bulb in an enclosure, to ensure that the piece was at the proper temperature to allow the paint to dry.  His suggestion worked perfectly and I now have a new art piece hanging on my wall.

Oh, the name.  Originally, this was “Art…with a Handle,” but that seemed to lack imagination.  Next, it was “Dream Explosion,” but that was a bit much.  After allowing the name to percolate a bit, “Dream Balloon” came through and this led to “Helium.”  So there.