Tiny Programmer Shield


Hold me closer Tiny programmer.

I heart Arudino.  But for my current project I need a distributed network of wearable microcontrollers. For this task I think the 328 chip is a bit overkill on the number of pins I need, so I decided to stretch my skills and try to program a different chip: the ATTINY45.  This chip is an 8 pin through hole, meaning I can make much smaller boards (and cheaper).  Since I was only just getting comfortable programming my Arduino, I found a very nice path of least resistance.  The interwebs turned up a very nice ATTINY how-to from MIT which I followed to the letter, and pleased to find out that yes it actually works.  So I can just modify my Arduino sketches to run on this new chip.  The SparkFun Eagle library has all the necessary components needed to whip up a quick schematic.  After a frenzy of press-and-peel, lamination, and etching I was able to fabricate this board from scratch in less than 90 min. Not a bad turnaround time.  The gallery shows a little documentation of the process.