Power Wheels 1 Weekend Build

So the plan is to build a power wheels racer in 1 weekend. We started Friday night July 13th with the best of plans.

Here’s what happened:

So I got started Friday at 6pm…..

Ok, so it was dinner time so we broke to eat…..

7pm: Time so Start….

Hmm, there’s not room to do the build, I guess we should clean up and organize a bit.

9pm: Plenty of room, lets begin….

Now where did we put all those parts when we were cleaning up…..

Saturday 10am – slept in, aren’t Saturdays great?

Saturday 11:30am – found the rest of the parts, got them set up along with the camera and some “before shots”

Saturday 12:00pm – Lunch time!

Saturday 1pm, what were we going to do again?

Oh, yea – time to start building! 2 helpers!

Saturday 3pm – other commitments mean everyone quit – 6 man hours invested, front steering is rebuilt with heaver axels for the new tires, the body is off the donor car, rear axle is out of the car and marked for modifications.

Saturday 9pm – lathe time! 2 hours on the lathe modifying the rear axle and sprocket to fit.

Sunday 10am – Damn, its good to sleep in on weekends :-)

Sunday 11:30am – ready to start, Whats that? You’re hungry, ok lets get some lunch….

Sunday 1pm – 5 more man hours.

Installed rear axle, cut key ways in the sprocket, wheel hub, and axle. Tucked in batteries, wired batteries, controller, safety disconnect, fuse and cut throttle cable. Zip tied everything in place – took it for its first test drive at 6:10pm Sunday.

So far we have 11 man hours invested and a driving chassis.

Sunday 6:30 PM – Time for a test drive

Still needed:

Tune steering

Shift motor and seat further back to make some leg room

Raise steering column

Attach body

June 22 Update:

One weekend build! (Ok so, 2 weekends and a few evenings)

I put in another 9 hours during the week and on Saturday and 8 more on Sunday and we have a finished (almost) car!

I want to tweak the steering for tighter turns and add a reverse switch.

Some cosmetics and it’s ready for Detroit!