How to Breed Giant, Artificial Pumpkins….

It's a giant pumpkin, carved out of foam insulation that's been painted white with gold accents

Isn’t this how Attack of the Killer Tomatoes started?


I was approached by Jason H. who, himself, had been approached by someone looking for a custom-made, giant, white & gold pumpkin for their wedding.

I modeled the pumpkin in Blender, then cut out the profile in 1″ wide sections of standard insulating foam using the makerspace’s CNC router. The pieces were then hand-finished and a couple of coats of Durham’s Rock Hard Water Putty were applied to strengthen it and seal the foam (because foam melts in a really cool way when you apply spray-paint to it). :D

Jason H., the maker who approached me with the project, helped in the finishing, painting, and decorating aspects.