A Family of Cut-Out “Art Boxes”

A family of 5 two-inch square wooden boxes featuring gears, vines and Celtic knots

Well, this all started as a small experiment which I didn’t expect to work.  Originally, I had conceived of the “Vine” box on the lower left as something to etch onto a series of rather banal boxes that I’m making.  In a sudden fit of “Oh, what the hell,” I decided to put our 60 watt laser-cutter to the test and actually cut out the shapes, rather than etch them.

The first Vine Box didn’t turn out so well, but the idea was there and I went home to further tweak the image so that it would cut out properly.  Once I achieved success, images, questions, and potential swam around my head.  What else could I cut?  How fine could I get it?  Does Ashton Kutcher really think that “Dude, Where’s My Car?” is a good movie?

More experimenting followed and the results of said experiments are pictured above.

Ultimately, I will be making these and other Art Boxes for sale to the general public on Etsy, but in the mean time, I’m testing out further designs so that I’ll have a full product line up when it comes time to open the store.