Thoughtful Angel

This is a laser cut wall hanging.  The back piece is an image of a hill in a graveyard and the top piece is a part of a tree with an angel statue on the opposite side.

It occurred to me that I haven’t posted about my latest laser-etched wall-hanging yet.  This piece was inspired by a trip out to a couple of Milwaukee cemeteries.  I’m slowly learning what to look for when preparing photographs for laser etching.

Total time to etch and cut was about 3 hours.  Both the front and back pieces were treated with teak oil, lightly sanded, then rubbed with a clean cloth to bring out a little sheen.

This piece is the sister to one I had posted about here.  Put side by side, the tree on the right merges with the tree on the other piece to create a unifying effect. There are two other pieces that I’ll be doing for this series which will have the tops of the branches visible to unite all four.