Vacuum Forming

Due to repeated collisions with the ground, walls and every other structure in the area,  my miniature Quadcopter required some plastic surgery.  I contemplated using the large vacuum former at the space to make replacement bodies, but my quad is only 4 in. 101.6mm in length, so I decided to make a mini vacuum former.

My first step was to aquire a heating source, so I picked up a toaster oven for $6.00 US, at a local thrift shop.

Toaster Oven

I  used CamBam to design the frame to fit in the toaster oven.

Vacuum Forming

I used the CNC Router to cut the pieces. 

Parts 3

I assembled the base and inserted a piece of Non Glare Picture Glazing in the frame.  The first time I tried it I set the oven at 400 f /5 minutes.  The plastic was too pliable and turned out very brittle.  The next attempt was using 300 f /3 minutes (using some thicker plastic I found in the scrap heap. That didn’t seem to be enough heat or time.  The final attempt I used more of the Non Glare Picture Glazing at 350 f / 4 minutes, and that turned out to be perfect.