Occupancy Permit Frame

A laser cut and etched wooden frame for our occupancy permit.

Y’know, ’cause we’re all fancy like that.

Once we got our occupancy permit, we had to consider how to display it.  A simple plastic frame seemed a bit above us, so I was asked to design a laser cut frame instead.

The frame was designed in 4 layers (5, if you count the acrylic) in Illustrator CS5 and cut on our 60watt laser cutter out of one of our favorite materials, 3mm thick Baltic birch plywood. If you’re wondering why the permit doesn’t fit perfectly, some unnamed culprit gave me the wrong measurements, but I still think it looks great.

Since I firmly believe that makerspaces enhance and contribute greatly to the world we live in, I came up with the corny, soon to be lampooned phrase, “Official Permit for the Milwaukee Makerspace to Make the World a Better Place”.

And that is what we intend to do.