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Gloom and Zombie DIce

Gloom and Zombie Dice

I finally finished up the last of my game boxes this past weekend. These ones are for the original Gloom game and Zombie Dice.

Since Zombie Dice is, as you may suspect, a dice game I decided it needed something a bit more secure lid-wise so it could be easily transported without worry of spilling the dice everywhere. This was a bit of a trick since the thing that locked it also needed to be mostly if not entirely contained in the lid since you need to use the cup as part of the game. What I ended up with was putting a slight lip around the top

Zombie Dice Lid

Locking lid for the dice game

and making a bar to bolt to the top that was just long enough to hit the 1/8″ lip when turned one way. It works better than I expected it would. I also added some thin foam to the inside of the container because dice on wood was getting pretty loud when you shook the cup.