Feed Your Inner Maker

I think we have all seen a TED Talk or three in our lifetime.  TED speakers are leaders in their respective fields and rarely fail to amuse and amaze.  These, in my opinion, are a few talks that are a must-see for builders, makers, and creatives of all kinds. Whether you need to find inspiration or you just need to be entertained you will find something in this list.

First, I have to mention is this talk about what we can learn from spaghetti sauce.  This was my introduction to Malcolm Gladwell and sent me down the rabbit hole.  This writer of “The Tipping Point”, “David and Goliath”, and “Outliers” gives several great talks but this is still my favorite.

Another author on my list of great TED Talks is Austin Kleon’s talk “Steal Like An Artist”, who wrote a book by the same name, along with “News Paper Blackout” and “Show Your Work”.  If your looking for inspiration and are gazing at a blank sheet of paper this talk is a good place to start.

Have you ever been overwhelmed by a project?  Have you sometimes looked at your project that seemed so small get too large?  If so you are not alone, and you may find that this is a talk for you. If you need a confidence builder to see you can do anything click play below and watch.