Pi Day!

Just in time for pi day this month the Raspberry Pi foundation released it’s newest Pi.  Even though it been less than a year since the Pi 2 this Pi is even better.  Although it looks the same it’w what you wont need that will get you excited about this new slice.  Never again will you need bluetooth and wifi dongles hogging your Pi’s USB ports as this newest slice of Pi has both built in.  With out a doubt your placing our order at the link below right now but while you wait here are a few cool projects to read up on while waiting for your UPS man.



Media Center:

Forget popcorn with your move, have Pi.  If there was ever a Pi perfect for a media center this is it.  The processor bump on the Pi 3 makes it a video champion.  This life hacker article will show you everything you need to know to get started on your delicious media center.


Minecraft Server:

The Rasberry Pi has always run linux, What’s the most fun you can have on Linux, Minecraft.  If you have little people running around your house you know all about Minecraft.  This project will make you a hero is the eyes of those mini gamers.


Getting Started:

For those of you, like me, new to the Raspberry universe; the Pi is for you too.  Below is a link to a google search for “getting started with Rasberry Pi”.  You will find countless videos and tutorials to get you off and making your first project.