Lathes, Carriages, Votives, Lakes, and Presses!

Markus upgraded the lathe! He moved the VFD, start/stop buttons, speed, and direction controls to the a housing and mounted it to the lathe. (Digital readout and an RFID reader coming soon!) Oh, he also added two foot pedal switches to stop the lathe. Awesome!

Mark made a new magnet carriage for the sand table and used UHMW bearings this time. Hopefully it will hold up better than the ABS bearings did.

Kathy H. got a bunch of votives from Adrian and since she had a ton of glass pebbles she made “fancy” votives and she plans to see if any family or friends want one because now she has plenty of parts to make more.

David D. make this nice looking Lake Superior and is planning to make more lakes soon. He used existing 3D bathemetry data and converted it to a solid model for use with the CNC router or laser cutter.

Pete 3D printed a tiny printing press so he could print tiny prints on paper with a 3D printed press. (And of course he printed some Makeys.)