Workbench, Wood, Wreath!

Austen had started to think about a workbench for his garage, and whipped up this quick render of what it might look like. (Can’t want to see the final build!)

Billy managed to get a giant pile of Birch plywood donated to the space. Awesome! (And hey, if you have raw materials you think might be useful to our members to learn new skills or build new projects, get in touch with us about it.)

Kathy H. made a wreath from a roll of DecoMesh that she got at Goodwill for only $2. (A steal since it’s usually twice that price or more.) She already had the roses on-hand from a rummage sale she had visited, the ribbon had been donate to the space, and the frame was $3.14 from Michaels thanks to a 30% off coupon. Way to be a thrifty maker!