Jellyfish Nightlight from a Football Helmet


Kathy H. entered an art contest where each contestant was provided half of a football helmet to be recycled into something artistic. It could be modified in anyway as long as the helmet was used in some manner. 

Having an idea to turn it into a jellyfish wall hanging Kathy asked another member to saw along the line she drew since she’s not skilled on all of the makerspace equipment.

In order to be able to hang it on a wall a back piece was made and attached with custom made L brackets.

After attaching the back the inside was spray painted gold and the outside was spray painted blue. The magenta shading was done by hand with a brush. Beads and ruffled ribbon were suspended from the inside with nylon string. The smaller beads were attached with hot glue. The ruffle along the outer edge was added with hot glue as well. Pearl beads and dimensional paint were also added to the outside. A tap light was attached inside with velcro. The lens of the light was colored with a hot pink permanent marker before attaching it.