Injection molded frames have arrived!

Jon Hughett arrives at Milwaukee Makerspace Sunday night with over a thousand molded frames from Netzer Plastics in Medford.

Ten thousand. Ten thousand frames in three days.


Holy smoke, you guys. 

We are going to be able to help so many people. 

This is all moving so fast. 

On Wednesday, the mold was ready. The people at Compumold in Phillips worked late every day and over Easter/Passover weekend to finish the mold in less than half the time it usually takes to make one. They understood that our mission is to save lives and they wanted to be part of it.

On Wednesday, Jeff Netzer at Netzer Plastics in Medford drove to Phillips to get the mold and made some samples.

On Thursday, Markus Schneider drove to Medford to look at the samples. 

They were good.

Jeff started cranking out the frames. At the rate of 2,750 a day.

Frames come off the conveyor at Netzer Plastics.

On Friday, Markus drove to Medford again and picked up a box of frames.

Our first batch of molded frames. They don’t have to be rinsed or washed in an alcohol bath, which speeds the process dramatically.

Jeff kept cranking them out.

On Sunday, Jon drove to Medford to pick up half a Gaylord of frames. (That’s all that could fit into his van.)

Markus retrieves the box of frames from Jon’s van on Sunday night.

And today – Monday – there are more frames waiting.

Jeff says he will keep making frames as long as he has the plastic.

And we will keep helping medical workers with shields as long as we can.