Live Stream Bot

Lots of Makerspace Members are familiar with Time Lapse Bot, our friendly time lapse robot.  Over the past month I have been designing and testing out Live Stream Bot.  It’s a small 3D printed enclosure for a Raspberry Pi Zero W and Pi Camera.  Using it you can record/live stream videos right to Youtube.  Right now I am streaming to my Youtube channel but in the future I would like to set them up to stream to the Milwaukee Makerspace channel.   There are some changes I am going to make to the enclosure but so far the tests are going well.  

Here is a live stream in the pottery area:

Here is one in the CNC room:

Once the stream is done the videos can be downloaded for editing or speeding up.   Here is the link to the Fusion 360 file ( if you don’t want to wait you can make one your self.   There is lots of software free to use on Github.