Useless Machine Project

My favorite maker projects are the ones with no practical applications.  The projects that are a means to learn something new or mash two unrelated disciplines together.   Where the purpose of the project is to make the project.  Making is the purpose.  This is one of those classic maker projects.

Many of you may have seen a box like this before.  Maybe you have seen the black acrylic version made by Pete at the Lenox building.  I have always found them interesting and had them on my list of things to make for a while.  Because I like to force other people to do what I think is fun we spend 3 weeks of Model Monday designing one.  It turned out to be a great beginner Fusion 360 project.  We started by making the box in the first class and talking a bit about creating a drawing that could be printed and taken into the wood shop.  By the 3rd class we were creating joints to test out the motion of the arm that pops up of of the box when the switch is flapped.  If you new to Fusion 360 this would be a great way to learn a few things.  Watch the 3 part series on my YouTube channel.